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This Bear of a Hate Preacher Has a 'Sodomite' Fixation

Aaron Thompson preacher

Pastor Aaron Thompson also calls the LGBTQ+ community "a bunch of freaks" sentenced to death and eternal damnation.

The minister of a church designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center recently told his followers he enjoyed using the word "f*gg*t," but preferred using the word sodomite rather than homosexual because the latter was insufficiently negative in his opinion.

Paster Aaron Thompson of the Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington, made the remarks in a sermon, excerpts of which were posted to Twitter by Hemant Mehta and reported by MetroWeekly.

After saying "f*gg*t" three times within a single sentence in the clip, Thompson, who sports a classic bear physique, opined why he believed "sodomite" is the best description for gay men.

"You can say homosexual, but it doesn't have the negative connotation that it should have," he said. "The negative connotation that it should have is that they're a bunch of freaks and that God pronounces the death penalty upon them in Leviticus 20:13. And I'm not gonna shy away from anything that the Bible says."

In another excerpt, Thompson blamed sodomy for the educational woes of children in public schools, accusing educators of "teaching them more about sodomy" than subjects like math, history, and geography, and centering the usage of "proper" pronouns.

"You know what my proper pronouns are?" Thompson mockingly said in the excerpted sermon. "I'm a he-she-it-they-dog cat-monkey. I got the litter box in the room. I'm a cat. Meow meow."

Thompson and the Sure Foundation Baptist Church are prolific posters of videos on YouTube touching on a wide range of subjects. Some of their more recent posts include "The #bbc is straight out of HELL," "9/11 was an inside job," and "Do you like Indian food?"

The church and Thompson also use only the King James version of the Bible. Sponsored by King James I of England in the early 17th century, it's the first English translation of the Bible in wide use. It's unclear if Thompson and the Sure Foundation Baptist Church are aware that James was widely rumored to have had multiple same-sex sexual encounters during his day.

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