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Kissing Chuck Bass

Kissing Chuck Bass

Neal Bledsoe, the lucky actor who got to make out with Ed Westwick in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, is not afraid to talk about his gay smooch.

The heterosexual Bledsoe tells Entertainment Weekly, "Things like that shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, for some actors things like that do matter, and they’ll turn down projects because of it. I thought it was a really fun episode. I had an awesome
time doing it. And I think it would’ve been a shame if I was not
open-minded enough to do the episode simply because I had to kiss
another man."

character on the teen soap is a 20-something lawyer who is a very well-connected alumnus at New York University and has a hand in deciding who will give the freshman speech. Angling for the speaking honor, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) asks her boyfriend Chuck Bass (Ed
Westwick) to plant one on Bledsoe's character.

Bledsoe admits he and Westwick practiced "more than a few" times on their lip lock, which will air October 19. The young actor also divulges that he's secured a role in the hotly anticipated sequel to the Sex and the City film.

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