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Don't Mess With Scott Herman's Grandma

Don't Mess With Scott Herman's Grandma


Fitness model, Real World alum, and gay rights activist Scott Herman has a few choice words for the anonymous person who Googled "Scott Herman gay," printed out all the shirtless modeling photos that came up, and mailed the package to his grandma.

"Next time leave your return address JERK!" Herman wrote on his Facebook page.

Herman, who has posed for the No H8 campaign and donated time and money to a number of gay rights charities, says his grandma swung by his house with the package of photos while he was shoveling snow in his driveway.

"My grandma and I are close and she wasn't upset about the mail, more upset that somebody would actually do that," he wrote on Facebook. "Personally, I thought it was funny. I am used to being bashed by now and the ease of how I took it made my grandma feel a bit better. But seriously. Who attacks grandmas?? What a sicko indeed."

Here's a link to the comment thread on Scott Herman's Facebook page.

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