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John Stamos Teaches Cuddling With Bob Saget

John Stamos Teaches Cuddling With Bob Saget

John Stamos teaches the nuances of manly tenderness and intimate cuddling with former Full House costar Bob Saget in a new College Humor video that raises awareness for an abandoned baby charity.

lures viewers with the seductive proclamation, "Hi, I’m John Stamos,
one of the most handsome men you could think of off the top of your
head." He then goes on to demonstrate such "proven methods" as the
"Stamos Soother," the "Stamos Spoonful," and the "Stamos Swaddler,"
while nuzzling noses, nibbling ears, and indulging in butterfly kisses.
Unfortunately, the illusion is shattered as the demonstration ends with
Stamos recognizing that his cuddling buddy is Saget, recoiling in
horror, and shouting "Bob, what the fuck?"

The video raises awareness for Project Cuddle, a nonprofit that offers safe and legal alternatives to baby abandonment and for which Stamos is the national spokesperson.

Watch the video below (and stay past the credits).

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