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Bogus Doc Had Trans Victims Nationwide

Bogus Doc Had Trans Victims Nationwide


The transgender woman known to many as "The Duchess," a street-trained cosmetic specialist who passed herself off as a doctor and was popular in South Florida's trans community after having performed hundreds of cosmetic surgeries, may have practiced her black market plastic surgery across the country.

Oneal Ron Morris (aka The Duchess) was arrested on felony charges after a women nearly died from her injections, which, according to the Miami Herald, "were actually a toxic brew of substances found in the tire repair product Fix-a-Flat." Soon after victims -- as many as 30 so far -- from as far away as Indiana have begun coming forward saying they were victims of Morris's scam. Morris reportedly told her "patients" -- mostly transgender women -- that she had successfully performed hundreds of procedures using "medical silicone."

The Miami Herald talked to one victim, Rajee Narinesingh, who came forward after Morris's recent arrest. Narinesingh said she trusted Morris to help feminize her features,but instead she "turned me into a monster. There was a sisterhood of trust. She was part of the transgender community herself. There was a feeling that she won't do anything bad, she knows what she is doing."

A year after Morris treated her, Narinesingh's face "became swollen and disfigured with large nodules that grew to the point they burst." A licensed surgeon repaired her face after pulling "cement out of the side of my face."

Like many of Morris's victims, Narinesingh came out only after the faux doc's arrest because she had been concerned about how she'd be treated earlier. Meanwhile, police are still searching for more of Morris's victims.

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