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WATCH: James Dean Hustles For Fame

WATCH: James Dean Hustles For Fame

The pre-fame years of immortal screen star James Dean, including his liaisons with helpful gentlemen in the entertainment industry, are chronicled in an upcoming film Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean.

James Preston stars as the late icon, who was rumored to have used his relationships with well-connected gay men to advance his career. Preston strikes a number of Dean-esque poses in the stylish, mostly black-and-white trailer, while the wistful ballad "I Fall In Love Too Easily" is sung in a smoke-filled bar.

"[The film] is not a conventional biopic," writer/director Matthew Mishory says exclusively to The Advocate. "It is set very narrowly in the early years before Dean was a star, as he found his way in the world — in every sense. It is the first film to deal with the relationships that were truly important to Jimmy."

Watch the trailer below.

JOSHUA TREE, 1951 Full-Length Trailer from Iconoclastic Features on Vimeo.

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