WATCH: Adam Pally and "Mandonna" Perform "Like A Prayer"

WATCH: Adam Pally and "Mandonna" Perform "Like A Prayer"

The highlight of an especially funny episode of ABC's hit Happy Endings featured Adam Pally's Max reuniting with his tribute band Mandonna to perform "Like A Prayer" at a same-sex wedding.

The season finale of the acclaimed ensemble comedy aired last night and showcased the wedding of recurring character Derrick (Stephen Guarino), the sometimes overzealous buddy of stereotype-shattering gay regular Max (Adam Pally), who was persuaded to reunite with Mandonna, his Material Girl cover band. Amidst the wedding chaos, Max's throaty rendition of "Like A Prayer" quieted down the crowd, even getting Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) to take the stage and dance with the band.

Watch Mandonna perform below. 

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