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Shame on Lesley Stahl, ‘60 Minutes’ for Promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene

A serious news show sinks to the bottom, an out editor sinks to DeSantis, and a network sinks to trans disinformation, and why isn't someone speaking out?

The Editor of Outsports Turns on Our Community

Cyd Zeigler announces his support for the odious Ron DeSantis, who targets the most vulnerable to advance his political ambitions.

Dad of Trans Daughter Testifies Against Missouri Anti-Trans Bill

Brandon Boulware argued eloquently against trans-exclusionary legislation, and video of his testimony has received thousands of views.

Former Kentucky Footballer: I 'Found the Strength' to Be Out

Landon Foster, who was closeted when he played for one of the nation's top football schools, describes his coming-out journey in a new essay.

MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Caught Casually Firing Off Homophobic Slurs

The Irish MMA fighter has a history of saying racist, homophobic, and misogynistic things.  

Probing the Straight Fear of Gay Gaze in Locker Rooms

Outsports cofounder Cyd Zeigler illustrates the struggle of out athletes in his new book, Fair Play. In this exclusive excerpt, Zeigler takes on the thorny issue of gay-straight relations.

ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for Transphobic Post

Schilling got canned by the network just one day after Outsports reported the baseball analyst's hateful statements.

Should ESPN Fire Curt Schilling for This Facebook Post?

In addition to sharing the disturbingly hateful meme, the former major leaguer called transgender people and their allies "pathetic."

Gays Play Pro Football? It's True, All of It

For generations, gay men have been playing pro football. So why isn't there even one out player on the field or in the Hall of Fame?

WATCH: Hockey Crowd Cheers as This Couple Kiss

These two fab fans said it had been their goal to get on the 'kiss-cam' at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Bat Boy Comes Out, Finds Acceptance

Spenser Clark is the bat boy for the Nationals as well as the ball boy for the Washington Wizards basketball team and a senior in college.

NFL, NCAA Stand by Houston After HERO

The defeat of Houston's Equal Right Ordinance hasn't impressed the NFL, but college bowls are taking their ball and running away.

Tackling Depression In School: One Teen's Tale

A gay North Carolina teen reveals 'loneliness nearly took my life' in a riveting account of his struggle to come out. 

Meet the First Openly Gay NCAA Division II Basketball Star

Derek Schell talks about bravery, honesty, and taking it to the court in his op-ed for OutSports.