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Tamar Braxton Apologizes for Antigay Rant Over Closeted Men

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton has expressed regret over her recent homophobic and biphobic screed.

The singer, 42, had posted a self-described "public service announcement" to her Instagram story in which she branded men who don't have frequent sex with their female partners as queer.

“The truth is ladies that these dudes out here really be gay,” Braxton wrote. “It ain’t enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to keep them!! They want dick!! Periodt!!

“It’s nothing wrong with you, but they will find EVERY reason in the world to make u not good enough!!" she continued. “If he lays with you for 3, 4, 10 days and he don’t touch u, it’s NOT YOU!! HE WANT A MAN!! And that’s on my momma.”

Braxton deleted the offensive post — but not before it sparked a sizable backlash on social media. Many accused her of stigmatizing gay, bisexual, and closeted men and taking out her own insecurities on the LGBTQ community.

In response, Braxton — who once served as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race  — admitted wrongdoing in a Monday Twitter post. She also quashed speculation that her rant was about her relationship with David Adefeso, whom she has been dating.

"Y’all know I’m going live....If you are in ya bag, ya shouldn’t be," Braxton wrote. "I shouldn’t have been in My feelings, & ranted on social media based off a conversation with my friends. I was talking about me but not me and David. I’ve been through a lot. This is why i stay on my fake page."

The "All the Way Home" singer is currently a star of a reality show, Braxton Family Values, alongside her sisters Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Trina. She frequently performs at Pride events.

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