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Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson Blames LGBT Community for Murdering 160K People

Will A&E suspend the Duck Dynasty star again?

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Explained in 90 Seconds

Here's everything you need to know about the dude who is as famous for his antigay (and now anti-transgender) rhetoric, as he is for those duck sounds he makes on TV. 

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Goes on Transphobic Rant

Robertson teams up with Citizens United to solicit money for "bathroom bills" and "religious freedom" legislation.


Ted Cruz Has an Idea: Phil Robertson for U.N. Ambassador

The Duck Dynasty star speaks with such "joy," admired Ted Cruz.

Marriage Equality Is 'Evil:' Duck Dynasty Star at Ted Cruz Rally

Hours before the Iowa caucus, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz enlists Phil Robertson to deride marriage equality. 

On Giving Duck Dynasty a Second Chance

Jeff Calhoun, the gay director of the Duck Commander Musical, on giving the dynasty another chance.

2014 Phobie Awards: The Worst People of the Year

The Advocate has as a long tradition of pausing at the end of each year to reflect on who among our coverage wins for the most homophobic, transphobic, and downright reprehensible.

Duck Dynasty 'Trying to Figure Out' If Being Gay Is a Choice

Willie Robertson says he's not sure if people are born gay, but he loves them just the same — proven by the fact that he works alongside gay people who produce his family's reality show.

Fox's Juan Williams Amazed By GOP's Leadership Speaker

Entertain yourself by watching Fox's Juan Williams call out the GOP for playing host to Phil Robertson.

WATCH: Phil Robertson Delivers Antigay Easter Sermon

Despite A&E's promised campaign to promote tolerance, at an Easter sermon the Duck Dynasty patriarch reiterated the controversial antigay remarks he made to GQ magazine last year.

LGBT Groups Offer Mixed Reactions to 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Reinstatement

GLAAD says A&E has chosen profits over principle in lifting Phil Robertson's suspension, while the Human Rights Campaign sees reason for optimism.

New Episodes of Duck Dynasty Include Phil Robertson, Advertisers Continue Support

The antigay leader of the quack pack will return when new episodes begin airing on January 15 and advertisers are refusing to migrate from the most popular reality series of all time.

Best Tweets: 'Duck You, Phil Robertson'

The Gaysayer Twitter comedians have a few duck calls of their own for Phil Robertson. Other amusing jokes this week include Lady Gaga's performance on The Voice and, of course, Beyonce.

Duck Dynasty Slams Sinful 'Homosexuals, Drunks, Terrorists'

Phil Robertson included homosexuality in a long list of 'sinful' behavior, including bestiality and terrorism, in a recent interview with GQ magazine. He has since been suspended from the show indefinitely.