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Who is the Duclod Man?

Who is the Duclod Man?


"Chasing the Duclod Man," Sarah Aswell's chronicle of her hunt for an elusive Internet stalker, riveted readers when it appeared in the latest issue of The Advocate. We are finding that the story is just beginning.

In the March 27 issue of The Advocate, writer Sarah Aswell chronicled her two-year search for the identity of an invisible Internet stalker in the cyber-detective story "Chasing the Duclod Man"--a piece that continues to develop and expand.

When the story hit newsstands March 13, reaction was swift and intense. Our latest search reveals countless blogs and sites praising Aswell, blasting the Duclod Man, and begging for their cat and mouse game to be turned into a movie. Numerous readers also claimed they knew the Duclod Man's true identity, which was changed in the story to protect Aswell. Back in 2004 Aswell was sent strangely worded and vaguely threatening letters calling her a "duclod," a made-up word for bisexuals that combines the words duel and closeted. Aswell grew obsessed with finding the real person behind the Duclod Man. In the process she discovered that his harassment extended beyond her to bisexual and presumed bi students around the country.

What's more, since the piece was published, The Advocate has heard directly from people who've received their own frightening "duclod" letters. Look for Aswell's "Duclod Man Part 2," coming soon in The Advocate. If you have any information on the Duclod Man, please e-mail

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