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Antigay Think Tank Could Use a Copy Editor

Antigay Think Tank Could Use a Copy Editor

The Ruth Institute, a think tank devoted to fighting marriage equality, had a bit of an embarrassment over the weekend, when it posted a graphic with spelling and punctuation errors on its Facebook page.

The graphic featured silhouettes of male and female figures and the text “Its Not Bigorty. Its Biology.” It was posted Saturday and taken down Sunday, shortly after LGBT activist Scott Wooledge shared it on Twitter, reports The New Civil Rights Movement.

Wooledge commented, “@RuthInstitute vets scientific data as carefully as they vet memes.” He also pointed out that same-sex pair bonding occurs throughout nature, undermining the institute’s argument about biology. Several people responded to Wooledge’s tweet with sarcastic remarks about the graphic, among them Scott Madin, who said, “Wait, skirts are biology? I’m confused.”

The Ruth Institute, once affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage, became independent November 1. The institute is headed by Jennifer Roback-Morse, who has made many outrageously antigay statements, even going so far as to use the suicide of gay college student Tyler Clementi in her argument that conservative young people should befriend LGBT youth to keep them from “doing something sexual that’s probably not the best thing for them.”

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