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Queer 101

How Toxic Masculinity Harms Women

When college student Mollie Tibbetts was killed, some blamed immigrants. The real cause may be toxic masculinity — which perpetuates violence and homophobia. 

Do Trans Men Have Male Privilege?

Societal advantage comes in many different forms for transgender men. 

They, Xir, Hir, Zem: The New World of Pronouns

For many, "he" or "she" just won't do. 

Do Trans Women Have Male Privilege?

Some argue trans women benefit from male privilege. Jessie Gender breaks down the claims.

Why Is Transface So Offensive?

Not sure why the recent Scarlett Johansson controversy has the trans community upset? Jessie Gender explains.

Explaining 'Spectrums': Identity, Sexuality, Even Political Affiliation

Are you more masculine or feminine? Gay, straight, or bi? Spectrums help you figure it out, as Jessie Gender explains.

Top 5 Reasons Being Transgender Is Awesome

Being transgender is incredibly amazing, and Jessie Gender gives her top five reasons why for Trans Day of Visibility.

7 Ways to Love Trans People, With Jessie Gender

For Valentine's Day, Jessie Gender shows us how to best show our love to that special trans person in our lives.

What Is Intersectionality?

Advocate videographer Ashley Jiang is here to break down this very topical topic.

Is Transgender Identity a Mental Illness?

Jessie Gender breaks down a controversial, complicated issue.

The Ins and Outs of Bisexuality

Jessie Gender and Ariel Sobel explains the ups and downs of being bisexual.

Why Net Neutrality Is an LGBT Issue

In light of tomorrow's FCC vote, Matt Baume explains why net neutrality is so important.

A Crash Course in Surgeries for Trans Women

Want to know more about everything that goes into a trans woman's medical transition? Jessie Gender is here to explain.

What Exactly Are 'Licenses to Discriminate'?

Matt Baume explains the origins and dangers of the "license to discriminate" laws, one of which recently went into effect in Mississippi.

What Is Gender Expression? With Jessie Gender

Confused by what it means to be gender-conforming or nonconforming? Jessie Gender is here to help explain.

5 Tips for Handling Bullies

For Spirit Day, Jessie Gender offers tools for dealing with tormenters. 

Wait, Who Is Roy Moore?

Want to know more about why Roy Moore is horrible for the Senate and LGBT people? Matt Baume explains.

4 Tips for Coming Out to Your Parents

LGBT-affirming minister Susan Cottrell offers tips and reminds you, "You're worthy."

5 Tips for Parents When Your Kid Comes Out

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. Here is a video for parents when your kid comes out to you. 


The Intricacies of Top and Bottom Surgery, Explained

Scott Turner-Schofield answers all your questions about trans anatomy.