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Rand Paul

Republican Sen. Rand Paul Opposes Latest Obamacare Repeal Effort

Paul says the Graham-Cassidy health care bill isn't a real repeal of Obamacare.

Out Senate Candidate Jim Gray Is in a Lonely Fight With Rand Paul

Democrats nominated an out gay man to run against Rand Paul in Kentucky, but he's fighting without the complete support of LGBT groups.

Jim Gray Is Testing Gun Control as Way to Unseat Republicans

Rand Paul voted against stopping terrorists from getting guns. Will it matter in his reelection?

Kentucky Picks Gay Mayor to Take On Rand Paul for Senate

The Senate has just one out member; could Jim Gray become the second?

Rand Paul Drops Out of GOP Race for White House

Reportedly short on cash and support, the U.S. senator from Kentucky ended his quest for the Republican nomination after a poor showing in Iowa.

Republicans Ramp Up Homophobia as Iowa Caucuses

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and others are appealing to prejudices.

GOP DEBATE: Candidates Slam Trump, Dems, Each Other

They also vied for who's most religious and toughest on illegal immigration.

Rand Paul Gets Senate Challenger in Gay Mayor's Historic Campaign

Kentucky's Republican senator has some competition this fall in an out mayor from Lexington.

Six GOP Candidates Pledge to Discriminate

The candidates are endorsing the First Amendment Defense Act, which would prohibit the federal government from stopping discrimination by people or businesses.

GOP Debate: Trump Clashes With Bush, Pledges Loyalty

Donald Trump says he won't run outside the party structure, as does Ben Carson, in a foreign policy debate marked by many contentious moments.

Rand Paul Walks Back Remarks on Being LGBT at Work

The Republican presidential candidate has clarified his comments about workplace discrimination that were roundly criticized as saying gays should stay in the closet. 

Hillary Clinton Takes Down Rand Paul on LGBT Rights

Hillary Clinton responded via Twitter to Rand Paul's statement that LGBT workers should stay in the closet instead of having employment protections. 

To Avoid Discrimination, Stay Closeted, Says Rand Paul

Leave your identity at home and don't bring it into the workplace, says the Republican presidential hopeful.

LISTEN: Rand Paul Calls Clerk's Defiance 'American Way'

Paul stops short of agreeing with Kim Davis, but he supports her right in 'making a stand.'

Rand Paul: Get Government Out of Marriage Business

The Republican senator and presidential hopeful says he's worried about the implications for religious liberty now that same-sex marriages have nationwide government recognition.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes on Rand Paul

The late-night comedy great thinks the 2016 presidential candidate's views on antigay 'religious freedom' laws don't hold up under scrutiny.