WATCH: LGBT Pride in Moscow's Red Square


Music thumping, rainbow flags flying, men in glitter bikinis kissing each other, and everyone celebrating love of all types: That’s the scene in the first global LGBT Pride celebration in Moscow’s Red Square — or, it could and should be.

This video of a staged pride fest (not actually shot in Red Square) is part of UNHATE News, an initiative of Benetton’s UNHATE Foundation, which offers a platform for young people to create news they’d like to see — news that’s positive and hopeful. The video features people from all over the world, particularly nations where LGBT people have restricted rights.

The UNHATE Foundation, dedicated to fighting all forms of hate and discrimination, is inviting people aged 18 to 30 to submit a story on news they wish they could see and that is consistent with the foundation’s mission, and contributors have a chance to get United Nations support for their preferred social change campaign.

Stories uploaded to the UNHATE News website will have their popularity gauged by the number of Facebook “likes” they receive from today through March 31. After that, a jury from the foundation will assess the 100 most popular pieces and select 10 to be associated with a specific social project, identified in cooperation with the U.N.’s public information department, as a practical way to contribute to the desired social change highlighted by the story.

Watch the “Red Square” video below, and find out more about UNHATE News here.

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