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Rick Snyder

Mich. Gov. Agrees to Recognize 300 Same-Sex Marriages

But the state will continue to defend its ban on such unions at the Supreme Court this spring.

Michigan Claims 300 Same-Sex Marriages 'Never Existed'

The Sixth Circuit's decision upholding marriage bans is being cited as reason to ignore 300 same-sex couples who got marriage licenses.

Mich. Gov. Wants to Keep Denying Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

The state's Republican governor filed a brief Friday asking a federal court to uphold a Michigan law that prohibits state and municipal governments from offering domestic-partner benefits to gay and lesbian employees.

Mich. Gov. Looking for 'Partner' to Discuss Inclusive Antidiscrimination Laws

Gov. Rick Snyder said he is open to discussions about adding sexual orientation to Michigan's statewide nondiscrimination law.

Mich. Governor Condemns RNC Member's Latest Antigay Remark

Republican governor Rick Snyder, through an aide, calls party activist Dave Agema's remarks 'wrong, extreme, and discriminatory.'

Mich. Gov. on 'Hypothetical' Workplace Discrimination

Gov. Rick Snyder dodged questions regarding his stance on LGBT workplace discrimination, before admitting it did not rank high on his list of priorities.