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Sara Ramirez

Nonbinary Star Sara Ramirez Joins ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot

They'll be playing a nonbinary standup comic and podcaster.

Sara Ramirez Refunded Donation From NYC LGBT Center After Dearth of Bi-Plus Support

The activist and actress has now given her donation to an organization that specifically offers support to the bi-plus community. 

Sara Ramirez & Cyndi Lauper Belt a Stunning Version of 'True Colors'

Bisexual activist, actress, and Tony winner Ramirez and pop diva Lauper joined together to raise money for the 'True Colors' fund. 

Sara Ramirez Stands to Break More Ground on 'Madam Secretary'

Since leaving TV, Ramirez came out as bisexual and fought tirelessly for her communities. She and her character Kat may have a few things in common.