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Lesbian reveals the reality of being LGBTQ+ in Cameroon after president's daughter comes out

After the coming out of Brenda Biya, the president of Cameroon's daughter, one lesbian in the country opens up about being “afraid for my life every day."

Burkina Faso's military junta: 'Homosexuality will be punished by the law'

Military leaders did not reveal the extent of the ban — whether it is against LGBTQ+ identity broadly or specifically those in same-sex relationships, nor what the sentences will entail.

Cameroon president's daughter Brenda Biya faces backlash from family after coming out

Biya said her mother and brother have both urged her to delete the recent Instagram post revealing her relationship with a Brazilian model.

Cameroon president's daughter comes out, reveals relationship with Brazilian model

LGBTQ+ relationships are criminalized in Cameroon, carrying a sentence of up to five years in prison.

31 Places Where Showing LGBTQ+ Pride Is Illegal

There are more than 60 places in the world where it’s illegal to be gay.