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Mom of Florida trans girl athlete speaks out against possible firing for the first time

Jessica Norton, the mother of a trans student who briefly played on the Monarch High School volleyball team, spoke during a public comment period at a Broward County School Board meeting on Tuesday.

Florida just got its first LGBTQ+ Latino state senator

“It’s also important to acknowledge and celebrate the significance of our election for Florida’s LGBTQ community, who have been relentlessly attacked and demonized by the majority party in this Legislature over the past few years,” Smith said on Friday.

Pulse shooting remains a grim moment in LGBTQ+ history 8 years later

Forty-nine people were killed that night.

Democrats introduce bill to protect jurors from anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination

The proposed law would safeguard one of the most fundamental rights and responsibilities of American citizens.

Federal court permanently blocks Florida's law against trans health care

The state had banned the care for minors and restricted it for adults.

Ron DeSantis stopped Pride lighting of bridges, so a Jacksonville man did it himself. Here's how you can too

Matt McAllister spoke to The Advocate about how he rapidly organized 70 people to light up the Main Street Bridge over the St. Johns River as gay as possible for Pride Month.

Miss Bouvèé has something to say about Florida's drag bans

This drag performer reflects on the lasting impact the state's anti-drag bans have had a year after they were put into motion.

Details of Bridget Ziegler and her husband's sex life prompt calls of hypocrisy by Florida newspapers

Bridget Ziegler continues to go after LGBTQ+ people even after new details emerged of her and her husband having sexual encounters with other women. Florida newspapers are calling her out.

The Donald Trump verdict explained — and what comes next

Read all about Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, the possibility of jail time, and more.

Club Q, Pulse, and an Ohio firebombing: Why these drag queen survivors are sharing their stories (exclusive)

Drag queens who survived the Club Q mass shooting, the Pulse Massacre, and a Ohio church firebombing tell The Advocate about a coalition they've formed to support drag artists in the face of violence.

Dwyane Wade and transgender daughter Zaya launch new resource for trans youth and families

Translatable is an online resource that will focus on communities of color and offer a safe space and accurate information.

Florida won't light bridges in rainbow colors for Pride Month this year

Florida Transportation Secretary James Perdue announced on social media that as part of the state’s “Freedom Summer,” all bridges will be lit in patriotic colors from May 27 to September 2, which means no rainbows for Pride.

Even more salacious details emerge about the Zieglers' sex lives as they seek evidence be suppressed

A police report detailed Bridget Ziegler, co-founder of Moms For Liberty, giving her husband directions as he prowled Sarasota bars seeking threesome partners.

Most Black women don't have access to abortion, and they're going to impact the elections

Out of the 11.8 million Black women between the ages of 15 and 49 in the U.S., 57 percent live in areas that restrict access to abortion.

David Duke's godchild comes out as transgender in new memoir about leaving white nationalism

R. Derek Black, the former poster child for white nationalism, shares their journey of gender identity and ideological transformation in their upcoming book.

Barron Trump to be a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention this summer

Barron, who turned 18 in March, joins several other family members – Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump – who were also selected.

Months after threesome scandal, Bridget Ziegler attacks protections for Florida transgender students

Ziegler helped pass an anti-trans measure at a Florida school district.

Reward offered as Florida police hunt killer of Black transgender man

Tee “Lagend Billions” Arnold warned his life was in danger just before he was gunned down at a crowded shopping center last month.

Anti-DEI laws are forcing universities to grapple with a mass exodus of LGBTQ+ professors: study

New Williams Institute study finds an alarming number of professors in higher education considering leaving their states or the profession because of Republican laws.