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lgbtq inclusion

Pride & Prayers: have churches truly become safe spaces for queer folks?

After facing hate and threats, a queer pastor left the church for new pastures. Now, some communities of faith are embracing LGBTQ+ inclusion, celebrating Pride, and protesting for our rights. Will this newfound acceptance truly welcome all?

Why the Boy Scouts of America is changing its name and embracing everyone

The organization has announced a name change to emphasize inclusivity. Here's how it got there.

Think transgender women have an advantage in sports? A new study disputes the idea

The U.K. study, while using a small sample, cautions against blanket bans on trans women's participation in women's sports.

Why LGBTQ+ representation in video games matters more than ever: report

GLAAD has released its first report on video gaming, showing LGBTQ+ gamers find both satisfaction and some less positive consequences.

Iowa Kids Quit 4-H Club After Their LGBTQ+ Message Erased

The kids painted a message that everyone was welcomed at 4-H.

House Democrats Introduce Gender-Neutral Laws Bill

The legislation seeks to removed gendered language from the U.S. Code.

60 Photos of Your Favorite Celebs Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth at GLSEN Respect Awards

Luminaries from politics, show business, and more turned out to honor Idina Menzel, Justin David Sullivan, Freedom to Learn, and Daniel Hadi.