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We kiki with Jake Shears about Cabaret, Tammy Faye, Elton, and more

The queer cultural icon and former Scissor Sisters front man is now taking over Broadway and beyond.

Right-wing author alleges bizarre ‘neonatal queer theory’ and sonograms to determine LGBTQ+ identities

The SPLC-designated extremist sees a plot to poison the minds of children.

Matt Walsh Said Having Gay Parents Is Worse Than a Child Having a Limb Cut Off

The far-right pundit said surrogacy for queer couples is "human trafficking by definition."

Hugh Hefner's Bisexual Son Shares the Wildest Requests He Receives on His OnlyFans

Marston Hefner revealed the strangest requests he's ever gotten on a recent episode of the Girls Next Level podcast.

George Santos Talks With Meghan McCain About Grindr, Being a Gay Republican, and Parenthood

See a preview of the discussion that hits the internet Tuesday morning.

Rachel Maddow's MSNBC Show Beats Fox and CNN in Prime Time

The out anchor's show brought in 2.46 million total viewers on Monday evening.