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Matt Walsh Said Having Gay Parents Is Worse Than a Child Having a Limb Cut Off

Matt Walsh Youtube Show

The far-right pundit said surrogacy for queer couples is "human trafficking by definition."

Matt Walsh called gay parenthood a selfish act of human trafficking akin to the intentional amputation of limbs from a voiceless newborn child. He also said it is more advantageous for a child to live without a limb than to be raised by gay parents without either a mother or father.

Walsh made the statements on yesterday’s edition of the Daily Wire’s The Matt Walsh Show entitled “The Origins of the Anti-Human Depopulation Agenda.”

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During the podcast he explicitly called gay surrogacy “human trafficking by definition” and denigrated the practice, saying the adopted newborn baby is “immediately torn away from the woman who birthed him” to be intentionally raised without a mother or father.

Walsh further said that “homosexual unions are sterile by their nature” and that it was a “sign from nature” that children should only be born and raised to traditional binary parents and families.

“They’re not meant to have kids because they cannot ever have kids because kids are meant to have both a mom and a dad,” Walsh said of gay parents who use surrogacy.

He then compared gay parents growing a family via surrogacy to amputating the limbs of a child.

“You know, it's true that some children grow up with one arm or no arms, but that obviously doesn't make it any more horrific, or any less horrific or barbaric to intentionally chop a child’s arm off,” Walsh stated, adding that gay parenthood via surrogacy is “mad scientist horror” that was even more horrific than chopping off the limbs of a newborn baby.

“Only it’s worse,” Walsh concluded about gay surrogacy, “because it’s far better for a child to be raised lacking one of his arms than to be raised lacking one of his parents.”

Walsh also said he does not cheer gay birth announcements because he is concerned about the well-being of a child raised by gay parents.

The conservative writer and podcaster has a history of inflammatory statements against the LGBTQ+ community. He recently expressed support for conversion therapy and scoffed at the widely accepted belief that sexual orientation is immutable.

“If people are born gay – like, born gay. You're gay from birth. Right? That's what that would mean. And then that means that there are what? Homosexual infants out there? Again, no sane person thinks that,” Walsh said on a podcast of his show entitled “These Are Serious Times And We Are Led By Unserious People” that aired on October 10.

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