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More Americans identify as LGBTQ+ than ever before, according to new Gallup poll

The increase is being driven by younger generations, according to the new poll.

Teachers are tired of the culture wars — and many support LGBTQ+ curricula, Pew survey finds

If there's one thing teachers can agree on, it's that government overreach has gone too far.

Almost No One Knows Who Speaker Mike Johnson Is, But Many Disagree With His Views: Poll

A recent poll reveals the unpopularity of conservative policies despite Rep. Mike Johnson’s lack of voter familiarity.

Majority of Americans Support LGBTQ+ Youth, GLAAD's First Spirit Day Index Finds

GLAAD commissioned the poll for this year's observance of Spirit Day.

Voters Oppose Anti-LGBTQ+, Anti-Abortion Amendments to Defense Bill: Poll

Those are the findings of a Data for Progress survey of likely voters.

LGBTQ+ People Experience Health Disparities, Economic Insecurity: Poll

New polls from Data for Progress highlight this finding as well as a low sense of belonging among transgender Americans.

Majority of People Globally Say Their City Is Good for Queer People: Poll

The statistic comes from a landmark survey by Gallup.

Poll Finds Majority of Americans Support Anti-Trans Policies Despite Claiming to Oppose Discrimination

A majority of respondents to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll say gender is determined at birth and support restrictions on health care and sports participation.