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Can scientific research on the causes of homosexuality be used against LGBTQ+ people?

Writer Justin Torres and scientists share their thoughts with NPR.

Republican anti-LGBTQ+ legislation bad for mental health and quality of life: survey

New research from Data for Progress highlights the negative effects of these bills and the desire for supportive environments.

Study finds relationship between bisexuality, risk-taking, and fatherhood

However, the findings are proving rather controversial.

Aunts are a key source of support for LGBTQ+ youth, study says

Aunts often act as buffers between young people and parents, and they sometimes provide practical support in the form of housing, say researchers from Texas and California.

State Economies Suffer When Lawmakers Pass Anti-LGBTQ+, Anti-Abortion Laws: Study

Such laws make people less likely to relocate to those states, says a University of Houston study.

How to Produce 'Gender Euphoria' for Trans and Nonbinary Youth

A new research brief from the Trevor Project shows what makes these young people happy.

Transgender People at Significantly Higher Suicide Risk, Landmark Study Confirms

Transgender people are at an alarmingly high risk of suicide in comparison to other groups, according to a first-of-its-kind study.

Most Americans Say Religion Is No Excuse for Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination: Survey

That was the finding of a NORC/Williams Institute study, but a Pew Research Center poll turned up opposite results.