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ron desantis

Transphobia Runs Amok at Second Republican Presidential Debate

Calls for national bans on gender-affirming care plus an assertion that trans people are mentally ill marked the event.

Judge Won't Block Florida's Restrictions on Care for Trans Adults

The same judge has blocked restrictions affecting trans youth.

Ron DeSantis Just Appointed Moms for Liberty Cofounder to Florida Commission

The group has been labeled an anti-government extremist organization.

Why Canada Issued Travel Advisory for Its LGBTQ+ Residents Visiting the U.S.

There are many reasons for LGBTQ+ people to feel unsafe in the United States.

Here's Why LGBTQ+ Groups Are Calling Out the GOP Debate Moderators

The organizations note that any discussion of LGBTQ+ issues was negative and targeted trans youth.

GOP Debate Gets Mean, Especially About Gender Identity

There were a lot of insults going around, with long-shot candidate Vivek Ramaswamy leaving a mark.

The GOP Debate Participants: A Look at Their Anti-LGBTQ+ Records

They are likely to trot out a parade of homophobia and transphobia.

Florida's New Anti-Trans Rule Threatens Jobs of College Faculty For Bathroom Use

The Florida Board of Education on Wednesday approved new rules strictly enforcing a new law segregating public restroom facilities by gender.

GOP Debate: A Dumpster Fire, With or Without Trump

A clown show for the ages. Get your popcorn.

Right-Wing Takeover of New College in Florida Seeks to Benefit More Men

The school’s gender studies course was scrapped, test score requirements lowered, and more athletic scholarships doled out in order to usher in a new student body makeup.

Ron DeSantis Responds to Question on Having Gay or Trans Child

The Florida governor and Republican presidential hopeful made the comment in a Time interview in which he also defended the numerous anti-LGBTQ+ laws he has supported.

Ron DeSantis Instructed to ‘Show Emotion’ at GOP Debate: Leaked Memo

Several hundred pages of unfettered advice, research memos, and polls were posted online by a political super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis's campaign.

80% of LGBTQ+ People Feel Less Safe Due to Gender-Affirming Care Bans

The laws are aimed primarily at trans youth, but they're negatively affecting all LGBTQ+ Americans, a new study finds.

Florida LGBTQ+ Rights Groups Launch Parenting With Pride Program

The hope is to build a network of informed advocates within the community who will fight back against right-wing measures that target LGBTQ+ Floridians.

Target Sued Over Inclusion of LGBTQ-Friendly Merchandise

The right continues to demonize LGBTQ+ people by targeting businesses that support them.

Will Florida Teachers Still Be Punished for Teaching AP Psychology?

Advocacy groups demand assurances faculty won’t face retribution because of Florida’s "don’t say gay" law.

Florida School District Bans Trans Employees From Using Their Pronouns

The version of Ron DeSantis’s “anti-woke” Florida seems to include restrictions on some people’s speech.

Florida Backs Down on Censoring AP Psychology Over Sexuality Topics

College Board threatened to not allow censored courses to be designated "AP."

Florida Can’t Teach AP Psychology If It Censors Sexuality, College Board Says

The Florida Board of Education said the course could be taught if those elements were left out.

​Orlando Magic Donates $50K to Ron DeSantis Super PAC

The move has outraged local LGBTQ+ advocates who call it hypocritical.