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Fans Are Freaking Out Over The L Word Reboot

Fans Are Freaking Out About The L Word Reboot

After Showtime announced on Tuesday the return of its lesbian soapThe L Word, fans have continued to erupt in joy. The L.A.-set drama ended in 2009, and although in its absence a handful of series have explored the emotional and physical intimacy of queer female characters, from Orange Is The New Black to The Walking Dead, for many the void has yet to be filled. The reboot finally brings back a show where queer women are at the center of nearly all the storylines.



For other fans, the return of the series has highlighted the cultural divides between different generations of queer women, as well as hope for an even more progressive and empowering series for the LGBT community. 





Others see The L Word reboot as an opportunity to pass the torch of representation and acceptance onward, or just plain celebrate.




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