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Tony Perkins

Read the latest news about Tony Perkins, president of the antigay organization Family Research Council. Tony Perkins is a pundit that frequently directs vitriol at the LGBT community, promoting an agenda that considers same-sex attraction to be against nature and the good of greater society. Learn more about the former Republican politician and member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, as well as other public figures that are against marriage equality, gays in the military, and other LGBT rights issues.

Powerful Homophobe Tony Perkins to Head Trump's Religious Freedom Org.

The vehemently anti-LGBTQ Perkins was elected Monday to chair the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Evangelicals Furious Over Trump Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality

Some of Trump's most fervent supporters feel betrayed by the move, although they're reluctant to blame him specifically.

Tony Perkins Is Furious CrossFit Canned Its Antigay Employee

The president of the Family Research Council stand up for a man who described LGBT people as "sinful" and "intolerant."

Tony Perkins: 'Moral Vacuum,' Not Guns, to Blame for School Shooting

We have a "spiritually sick society," according to the anti-LGBT Christian right activist.

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Joins Religious Freedom Commission

The virulently anti-LGBT Perkins was appointed to the government body by Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Christian Right Loves Trump's Policies, Forgives His Sins

Conservative Christians see Trump as someone whos will punch "leftist" bullies, says the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins.

Trump Will Be First President to Address Anti-LGBT Values Voter Summit

Trump, who addressed the gathering as a candidate the past two years, joins far-right luminaries such as Roy Moore, Phil Robertson, and Michele Bachmann.

Reading the Far Right: Defending Comey's Canning, Hating on Handmaids

Right-wingers are also lamenting the withdrawal of anti-LGBT Army secretary nominee Mark Green.

The Far Right Is Quivering With Excitement Over Neil Gorsuch

Both social and economic conservatives are overjoyed with Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Will Rex Tillerson Fire All LGBT Employees at State Department?

Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of State is called on to fire LGBT people.

Donald Trump Makes Flood Relief Donation to Tony Perkins's Church

The Republican presidential nominee donated $100,000 to the church where the hate-group leader is interim pastor.

Republican Platform Takes Stands Against Restroom Access, for 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

And it still opposes marriage equality, thanks to delegates like Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins.

Tony Perkins Chased Out of Building by Pro-LGBT Disrupter

GetEqual leaders directly confronted hate leader Tony Perkins, holding his feet to the fire for LGBT murders and suicides.

Far Right Lauds North Carolina for Blocking 'Special Rights'

Christian conservatives are using familiar anti-LGBT tropes in their praise for North Carolina's exclusionary new law.

Tony Perkins Revives Role as GOP's Hate-Whisperer

Perkins, who helped strengthen the antigay language in 2012's platform, is once again a convention delegate and platform committee member.

Ted Cruz Creates Anti-LGBT 'Religious Liberty' Panel

The group, which will advise Cruz on policy, includes hate group leader Tony Perkins, the Benham brothers, and more.

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Endorses Ted Cruz

Of all the Republican candidates, Cruz is 'best prepared to lead this nation forward,' says the president of the antigay Family Research Council

Hate Group Demands Ben Carson Explain Himself

Carson should make clear that the supportive policies he apparently endorsed as a board member at Costco and Kellogg won't translate to public policy, says Perkins.

Huckabee Cries 'Free Kim Davis,' Others Call Her Rosa Parks

Right-wing politicians and pundits have found a hero and martyr in the Kentucky county clerk.

WATCH: Duggar's Hypocrisy Is No 'Excuse to Live in Sin'

As Tony Perkins defends right-wing beliefs, someone who's left the movement analyzes the shame and denial that most likely motivated Josh Duggar.