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Whose Line Star Strikes Back at Trans Daughter's Harassers

Whose Line Star Strikes Back at Trans Daughter's Harassers

Colin Mochrie and family
via Facebook

Colin Mochrie had strong words for those who objected to his Facebook message for his daughter's birthday.

Colin Mochrie, star of the U.S. and British versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, has struck back at internet trolls harassing his transgender daughter.

Mochrie posted a photo on Facebook Monday to mark the 28th birthday of his trans daughter, Kinley, People reports. The photo shows Kinley flanked by her father and her mother, Debra McGrath, and has the caption "Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! 28 years old and everything we've ever hoped for in a child."

Kinley transitioned two years ago, and her father revealed that publicly last year with her permission.

While the birthday picture received many positive comments, some of Mochrie's Facebook followers responded with hate. One person called Kinley "son," while another wrote "Ew" next to emojis conveying nausea, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reports. Another said Mochrie "was always batshit crazy. It doesn't surprise me that gender dysphoria runs in his family."

Yet another said, "Good that he loves his child but not that he supports a lifestyle of immorality. Just because people accept it doesn't change the fact it is wrong against nature and God."

Mochrie posted a strong comeback to the haters the next day. "Thanks to the fans of this page for being supportive and human," he wrote. "To the trolls, my thoughts and prayers to your body for losing its mind and soul so tragically."

Both Mochrie's original post and his takedown of the trolls drew many positive comments. "I'm a trans woman, and today is the first day my mom called me her daughter," one wrote. "Thank you for being supportive of your daughter! Supportive parents make all the difference."

Another said, "I always liked you on whose line but your family-centered life and support for LGBTQ community makes me admire you even more."

One other commenter noted, "The trans community needs more parents like you!! She is very lucky to have two very supportive parents."

"What a beautiful family. Sending so much love. Happy birthday to your daughter," another wrote. "I already enjoyed your comedy but your support for your daughter just made me absolutely adore you. Thanks for being such an awesome human."

Mochrie last year discussed both his love of his daughter and his fears for her. When she came out to him, his first thought was "God, let her be safe," he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

But his love and support have always been unconditional. In a 2017 tweet that went viral, he said, "My 90-yr-old mother-in-law and 87-yr-old mother love and acceptance of our trans daughter warms me. Wonder why some who are younger can't."

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