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Alexandra Billings is Redefining What Is Possible for Trans Actors

Currently starring in The Conners on ABC, there is zero precedent for the actress' remarkable career.

Why 'Transparent' Deserves Not Just an Emmy, But a 'Nobel Prize'

Joey Soloway, Faith Soloway, Alexandra Billings, and Shakina Nayfack discuss the resilient end of the groundbreaking transgender production.

'Transparent' Creator Joey Soloway Corrects Interviewer on Pronouns

The nonbinary creator, who identifies with a new name, had an enlightening conversation about pronouns.

Shakina Nayfack Wants to Change How We Talk About Confirmation Surgery

Shakina Nayfack is a writer, producer, and actress in the Transparent musical finale. 

USC Launches Alexandra Billings Scholarship for LGBTQ Drama Students

The scholarship, named after the transgender actress and professor, will financially assist applicants to USC's School of Dramatic Arts.

Jill Soloway Wants to Be Chief Rabbi of Israel

The nonbinary showrunner of Transparent and author of She Wants It opens up about Zionism.

Jill Soloway and Hannah Gadsby Are Reportedly Dating

The Transparent creator and breakout comedian bonded over rage and toppling the patriarchy.

'Cam Post' Director: Amazon Nixed Bi Series Because of 'Transparent'

Desiree Akhavan addressed bi erasure while promoting her upcoming comedy The Bisexual.

Trans Actresses Call Out Scarlett Johansson's Tone-Deaf Remarks

Trace Lysette and Jamie Clayton call for parity for trans actors in Hollywood in response to Johansson being cast as a trans man. 

Jason Bateman Says He'll Try Not to Mansplain So Much

An interview with The New York Times gave the actor a platform for his lengthy defense of Jeffrey Tambor's treatment of women.

Arrested Development's Entire Cast Lines Up to Support Jeffrey Tambor

The Netflix show is returning for a fifth season, despite accusations of sexual misconduct against Tambor, or his history of yelling at colleagues.

Transparent's Jeffrey Tambor Alleges He Was Fired for Trans Face

Even though he was accused of harassing two trans women on set, producers Jill and Faith Soloway agree with Tambor's assertion that "trans face" made him a target.

Alia Shawkat Supports Jeffrey Tambor Accusers

After co-starring with the actor on Arrested Development and Transparent, the bisexual actress supports Tambor's alleged victims.

'Transparent' Not Returning for 2018 Season

Following accusations against lead actor Jeffrey Tambor, the Amazon show has halted production until December.

The Conflict of Watching Good Art That Features Bad Artists

Is it counterproductive to boycott inclusive films and shows that are tainted by one person's bad acts?

Jeffrey Tambor Fires Back At Jill Soloway After 'Transparent' Firing

He might be cut from the cast, but he still has a lot to say about the showrunner.

Amazon Announces Jeffrey Tambor Is Officially Out at 'Transparent'

It was determined following an investigation into sexual harassment allegations that Transparent's star will not return for the upcoming season.

Jeffrey Tambor Must Step Down From 'Transparent'

Transgender activists Ashlee Marie Preston and Dawn Ennis react to the news that the actor accused of sexual misconduct may stay.

50 Years, 50 Heroes: Alexandra Billings Perfectly Honors Judith Light

For The Advocate's 50th, Transparent star Alexandra Billings honors LGBT advocate Judith Light.