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Man escapes jail time for homophobic fast-food sucker-punch on ‘Drag Race UK’ star

The judge cited the man’s ailing elderly mother as a reason for the sentence.

Racist homophobes who threatened Prince Harry are sentenced for encouraging terrorism

Podcasters Christopher Gibbons and Tyrone Patten-Walsh had said the prince and his young son should be killed, and they made many racist, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted statements.

Men Are More Comfortable Going to a Gay Bar Than Telling Family 'I Love You'

Men are more uncomfortable saying "I love you" to their relatives or crying in front of other men than they are going to a gay bar, according to a recent survey.

Teenagers Found Guilty in Brutal Murder of Transgender Girl Brianna Ghey

The teen girl was stabbed 28 times in a meticulously planned daytime attack.

Teen Accused of Killing Transgender Girl Takes Stand in Defense, Blames Codefendant for Murder

The two accused teens were allegedly obsessed with murder and death, and made a list of potential murder victims from amongst their friends.

Gay Couple Beaten by Homophobic Gang Armed With Nail-Spiked Piece of Wood

The gang reportedly threatened “I know where you live” and “I will kill you.”

Gay Adult Store Vandalized for a 5th Time Since March

A community closes ranks after Clonezone gay adult store is struck for the fifth time this year.

Two Men Stabbed in What Authorities Believe Was a Homophobic Attack

Police are asking for the public’s help in the attack that sent the unidentified men to the hospital.

Elton John Defends Kevin Spacey at Sexual Assault Trial

The legendary gay singer and his husband brought evidence before the court on behalf of the defense.

Kevin Spacey Performed Sex Act on Sleeping Victim, U.K. Court Hears

A U.K. court heard the allegation as part of Spacey's ongoing sexual abuse trial.

Kevin Spacey Called a 'Sexual Bully' in London Courtroom

The actor is accused of serial groping...and worse.

Glenda Jackson, Revered Actress, Politician, and LGBTQ+ Ally, Dead at 87

Jackson starred in groundbreaking gay-inclusive films such as Sunday Bloody Sunday and was elected to the U.K.'s Parliament.

'Drag Race' Winner The Vivienne Attacked by Homophobe in McDonald’s

The performer tweeted, “Just been attacked in McDonald’s, Police on way.”

Puberty Blockers Will be Limited to Clinical Trials, Says U.K. Health Service

LGBTQ+ activists in the U.K. are criticizing this restriction on care for transgender youth.

Electric Shock Treatment, Overt Homophobia in U.K. Armed Forces: Report

Details from a report due out next month paint a culture of “overt homophobia” in the country’s military.

Queer Musical Parody of 'The Little Mermaid' Is Making a Splash Across the Pond

Unfortunate:The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch first made waves on UK stages in 2022 – and it's returning this year.

Gay Soccer Star Jake Daniels, 18, Shares About His Partner, 46

The pro-athlete came out last year.

Gay Adult Store Attacked Again by Hammer-Wielding Masked Men

It’s the third time in six weeks the store has been victimized in the “targeted” attack.

Trans Marathoner Places 6,159th in Women's Category, Right-Wing Media Throws a Fit

Glenique Frank is being blasted for her participation in the London Marathon, even though she didn't come close to winning.

Home of Gay Man and Two Trans Women Destroyed in Possible Arson Attack

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the three who barely escaped with their lives but lost everything in the fire.