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ISIS Claims to Have Executed Another Gay Man


The execution, in which the man was thrown off a building and then stoned, reportedly took place in Aleppo, Syria.

The terrorist group known as ISIS has released photos depicting the execution of a man accused of being gay, who was thrown off a building and then stoned to death by a mob.

The execution took place in Aleppo, Syria, the nation's second-largest city, which has suffered much in the last few years as government troops, rebels, and ISIS have all fought for control.

The ISIS hisbah, or religious police, threw the man off a tall building, and the mob completing his execution by stoning appears to include children as young as 6, Gay Star News reports.

ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, seeks to establish a caliphate, a religion-based government that would adhere to an ultraconservative form of Islam, with harsh penalties for homosexuality. ISIS declared control over parts of both nations in 2014, and since then has released numerous photos and videos of its adherents executing men and boys believed to be gay in Syria and Iraq.

Several of the killings have taken place in Mosul, Iraq, where Iraqi government forces, supported by the U.S. and other allies, are trying to drive ISIS out. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter recently said it's possible that can be accomplished before Donald Trump takes office as president January 20. Mosul is the largest city under ISIS control, so its liberation would be a key victory in the fight against the terrorist group.

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