"We have made it where the Bible is a homophobic manual," says the Grammy award-winning artist.

November 18 2015 7:46 PM

Black trans woman Meagan Taylor has filed a civil rights complaint against an Iowa hotel that falsely accused her and a friend of being sex workers, leading to Taylor's harrowing eight-day incarceration. 

November 12 2015 3:58 PM

Yes, black trans women can often be victims. But let's not forget they're also just getting through life like all of us.

October 27 2015 4:48 PM

Queer people don't get a fair shake in this country, and for LGBT people of color, that's doubly true.

October 21 2015 5:45 AM

Police contend the trans woman's brutal beating and shooting death was the result of a robbery, not a hate crime. 

October 12 2015 6:52 PM

As her lawsuit against Georgia's state prison system moves forward, Ashley Diamond reflects on being black, trans, and low-income in the Deep South.

September 29 2015 5:45 AM

One of the summer's biggest hits, Straight Outta Compton, had an important message about HIV awareness. But did audiences take it in?

September 26 2015 2:30 PM

Activists Cleve Jones and Liz Highleyman on the ways white LGBT people can do their part to end an HIV crisis in the black community.

September 25 2015 6:50 PM

A perfect storm of factors is creating an HIV epidemic below the Mason-Dixon line, especially for black gay and bisexual men.

September 25 2015 5:45 AM