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Black Republicans: Grand Old Pawns

Trump-era Black Republicans aren't truly conservative, they're just cons, claims gay writer Clay Cane in his new bestselling book.

Lesbian-inclusive 'Color Purple' doesn't need Oscars' approval

Largely snubbed by the Academy, 2023's The Color Purple is a miracle, regardless of awards.

Bi, Black, Fat, Disabled: Clarkisha Kent Is All That and More

This fearless writer navigates numerous identities. Read an excerpt from her new book describing how she achieved self-acceptance.

New Doc Chronicles Queer — or Not — Rock Icon Little Richard

The influential early rocker was conflicted about sexuality and religion but made great music, as detailed in Little Richard: I Am Everything.

Chicago's Lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot Resoundingly Loses Reelection

The issue of crime took center stage in the nation's third-largest city.

Out, Black, and proud: Ernestine Eckstein fought for us before Stonewall

During Black History Month, we honor the courage of Ernestine Eckstein, who put her life on the line to speak out for queer rights.

Pauli Murray Will Be First Black Queer Person on U.S. Currency

The nonbinary civil rights activist, lawyer, poet, and priest will appear on a quarter.

Black Gay Man Davante Lewis Is First Out State Official in Louisiana

Lewis, an advocate for renewable energy, won a runoff election to become a member of the state's Public Service Commission.

Superstar Tenor Russell Thomas on Being a Black Queer Man in Opera

Thomas, who's currently artist in residence at the Los Angeles Opera, also discusses what he calls the best decision of his life: becoming a father.

Erick Russell Is First Black Gay Statewide Elected Official

Russell has been elected Connecticut state treasurer.

How Tobacco Companies Harm the LGBTQ+ Community

Tobacco companies have long profited off LGBTQ+ and Black communities, and it's time for stricter regulation.

Out Candidates See Groundbreaking Wins in Connecticut, Minnesota

A Black gay man stands to become Connecticut's treasurer, while Black and transgender women had breakthroughs in Minnesota.

A Gay Black Elder on Aging with Dignity

On what has -- and hasn't -- improved since the summer of 1969.

Why Juneteenth, Now a Federal Holiday, Is So Significant

June 19, 1865, marked the end of slavery in the U.S., and recognition of the date is spreading.


Pauli Murray Doc Examining the Nonbinary Activist’s Life Wins Peabody

The film highlights the Black nonbinary civil rights activist and lawyer who was one of the 20th century's most influential thinkers.

Black Gay Candidates Make History With Primary Wins in Texas

Venton Jones and Christian Manuel-Hayes are poised to be the first Black gay men in the legislature, and Black lesbian Jolanda Jones is likely to be reelected.