Sarah Colonna Finds Her Balance



In her new book, Life As I Blow It,
comedian Sarah Colonna chronicles what happens as she searches for a balance between
growing up and having fun.

Colonna, a standup comic and roundtable regular on Chelsea Lately, started looking for her balance while growing up in
two very different worlds: a traditional, southern life with her mother in
Farmington, Ark., and a life of parties with her father in Los Angeles.

“I developed a kind of dry sense of humor at a pretty young age,” she says
about being with her father. “I think I also developed in general from being in
a smaller town and having a sarcastic outlook on life.”

While with her father for the summers, she was surrounded by adults. Then
with her mother for the school year, Colonna dealt with people who always knew
everyone else’s business.

“My mom has even always said that I was going to be an actress and do
standup,” she said. While Colonna’s comedic ways may have started when she was
a child, it’s something she’s never stopped working at. “I never really wanted
to do anything else.”

Happy Madison and Sony have picked up the book in hopes of producing a sitcom
loosely based on its stories. The show’s storyline will be shot as if Colonna
had never left Arkansas. Her character, in
her thirties and never married, will encounter the inevitably awkward situations created when someone has never left their small town.

“I think you see a lot of small-town-girl-in-the-big-city, or
moves-to-the-big-city-and-then-moves-back-home,” Colonna said. “But I really
like the idea of someone who just never left.”

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