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Shark Tank and Oprah Makes Gay Couples Dreams Come True

Steven Nakisher and his husband Shane Talbott just got richer, thanks to ABC's hit reality series.

The Woman Behind Title IX

A new book examines the life of lesbian athlete Eleonora Sears, who inspired Title IX and paved the way for Martina and Venus.

Ensuring a Long Life

In the Life Media gets a birthday gift.

Utah Vigil Being Held to Honor Memory of Gay Teen

The community of Ogden, Utah, is gathering to speak out against LGBT bullying and to hold a candlelight vigil in memory of Jack Reese, a recent LGBT teenage suicide.

Transgender Man Beaten In Memphis

A Memphis transgender man was taken to a nearby hospital with bruises and a concussion after being beaten Saturday night.

Kat Graham Learned Everything From Drag Queens

The singer-actress speaks to The Advocate about pursuing her hot single "Put Your Graffiti On Me," her obsession with drag queens, and her close ties to the transgender community.


A Call to Stop the Killings in DC

Activists say trans citizens are not protected by the police.

Dick Clark Dies at 82

Opponents of Marriage Equality Think Their Marriage is Stable

A new study this month reports that many opponents of marriage equality believe their marriage will be unaffected by same-sex weddings. It's other people's marriages they're worried about.