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PHOTOS: LGBT Square Dancers Twirl Into San Francisco

The IAGSDC was formed at a time when straight clubs didn't allow gay and lesbian couples to square dance. And it was almost impossible to find a straight caller willing to call for a gay group.

So in 1983 the Gay Callers Association was formed to fill the need for callers to call for gay clubs; and the IAGSDC was created in 1983 to promote the pasttime. By all accounts it was a wonderful convention in the City by the Bay. More than 1,170 gathered from all over the U.S., Canada, and beyond for the 30th annual convention of the IAGSDC.

Check out their web site for more information and enjoy these photos from the convention on the following pages.

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A square dancing flash mob marks the day in sunny Union Square.

GaySquareDancers 1

GaySquareDancers 2

GaySquareDancers 3

GaySquareDancers 4

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GaySquareDancers 15

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The Weave Your Heart Committee.
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