Chris New: Weekend Update  

Out actor Chris New makes his big-screen debut in Weekend, out British filmmaker Andrew Haigh’s festival favorite about two gay men who meet at a London nightclub and spend the next 48 hours having sex, sharing their stories, and baring their souls.



Chris New and Alan Cumming in Bent x390 | ADVOCATE.COM I imagine that Weekend has made you rather popular with some gay men on Twitter. Has anyone reached out to ask for a date or a shag?
[Laughs] I think Glen’s too much of a dangerous character for people to fall totally in love with him. Glen’s not a boy you particularly want to take home to your mother. But there has been a lot of appreciation from people on Twitter who tell me how much they love the film. Besides, I’m a married man now — I just got married, actually — so all those days are gone. But I’m sure there won’t be too many people weeping in their pillows.

Congratulations on your marriage.
Thank you. Well, over here it’s not called marriage, obviously — it’s called a civil partnership — but I’ll use the word marriage whether they like it or not. I think the most admirable thing about the American gay marriages, like in New York, is that you’re actually getting the word marriage. In America, you guys have a lot more fight than we do over here, partly because the antigay movement is so much more visible in America. It’s really interesting to watch the gay rights movement in America from over here. It’s so much more focused and energetic than it is here, where the attitude is very relaxed, very “Oh, it’s fine.” I like the American refusal to compromise.

Finally, I must know what the semen was made out of during one of the more graphic sex scenes in Weekend. It looked suspiciously authentic.
[Laughs] I will tell you two secrets about that scene. When we’re grabbing at each other’s erections, those are finely carved carrots in our pants, which is apparently an old trick. I actually had to snap mine in half because it was far too big. And then the semen itself was just good old-fashioned hand soap. So now everybody can try it. You too can recreate that moment at home!

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