Hot Sheet: Evans to Betsy

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include many happy returns: Captain America, Heathers (the musical), and Game of Thrones.



8. DVD: In the Blood
Out today in theaters, on demand, and on iTunes, In the Blood (Anchor Bay) is an action flick that you might dismiss as just another straight thriller about a newlywed whose husband vanishes, but with star Gina Carano — the famed MMA fighter who headlined Haywire, also starred in Fast and the Furious, and once made headlines canoodling with her lesbian opponent Tonya Evinger — it’s so much more. Sure Carano, as Ava, has just married a man, who disappears on a Caribbean honeymoon, and she must search for him, but there are plenty of clues that Ava is bisexual, not an ordinary straight girl (she’s trained to fight by her outlaw father, she dances with another woman and only stops when a man gets involved), and the setup is the reverse of the usual Hollywood fare (the woman fights to save the man, often fighting off gangs of men while literally carrying the husband, played by hunky Twilight and O.C. star Cam Gigandet). The best part? She’s a major ass-kicker, assaulting dozens of men in the film in a riveting storyline that makes this one of the most feminist action films to date. — Diane Anderson-Minshall

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