BY Duane Wells

September 17 2009 11:00 AM ET


Listening to you talk about your spirituality and your
beliefs, it’s clear that you’ve genuinely struck a balance between your
faith and your sexuality for yourself. But for many in the gay and
lesbian community what you believe is quite simply not their reality
because organized religion has put them down and served as their
primary foe for so long. What do you say to those folks about God?

I would say that if you have known love that is true, then you have known God because God is love.

don’t have to beat ourselves into believing any sort of doctrine…and we
don’t have to try to wrap our brains around any concept that may be
highbrow, high-minded, or might be coming from elders that we grew up
with…or even our moms and dads, which is the common place that sort of
thinking comes from.

The fact of the matter is that all we
have to do is to choose to see and we will see God. Look for that
divine intelligence that is in back of all that is brilliantly alive
and you will see it.

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