Juanes Latin Music Sensation To Headline AIDS Benefit
June 13 2012 7:32 PM ET

Juanes: Latin Music Sensation To Headline AIDS Benefit

Jeremy Kinser

Latin music superstar Juanes will headline the Beat Goes On IV, a concert to benefit Lifebeat, Music Fights HIV/AIDS, that will take place July 26 in Washington D.C.

Donna Summer Disputed Antigay Remarks in 1989 Letter to ACT UP
June 12 2012 3:37 PM ET

Letter by Donna Summer Surfaces, Fought Antigay Rumor

Jeremy Kinser

The late entertainer wrote a letter to ACT UP that described antigay remarks attributed to her as "unjust and unfair."

WATCH Mika Wants To Make You Happy
June 11 2012 4:39 PM ET

WATCH: Mika Wants to 'Make You Happy'

Jeremy Kinser

Pop singer Mika has released a video for "Make You Happy," a song that will be included on his forthcoming album titled The Origin of Love.

WATCH Lady Gaga Suffers Concussion Continues Concert
June 11 2012 3:06 PM ET

WATCH: Lady Gaga Suffers Concussion, Continues Concert

Jeremy Kinser

It's hardly surprising that Lady Gaga adheres to the age-old "the show must go on" adage, but after suffering a concussion during a mishap with a pole during a concert the entertainer returned

Ke$ha Performs Commitment Ceremony For Lesbian Friends
June 11 2012 12:12 PM ET

Ke$ha Performs Commitment Ceremony for Lesbian Friends

Jeremy Kinser

  Pop star Ke$ha, also an ordained minister, performed a commitment ceremony for her close friends Monique Morrison and Gretchen Helt in Malibu, Calif., last Wednesday.

Carrie Underwood Speaks Out For Marriage Equality
June 11 2012 11:42 AM ET

Carrie Underwood Speaks Out for Marriage Equality

Jeremy Kinser


Morrissey Announces That He Is Leaving Music in 2014
June 05 2012 10:35 PM ET

Morrissey Retiring in 2014

Neal Broverman

Legendary Brit rocker Morrissey announced in a recent interview he's retiring in two years because he's "aged a lot recently."

Sunglasses at Night Singer Corey Hart Shows Support for Gay Community
June 03 2012 5:43 PM ET

Corey Hart Back With Gay-Positive Remix, Pride Performance

Neal Broverman

A song about empowerment and coming out gets a new spin.

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