Amos Mac Reintroduces the Zine

BY Josh Hinkle

February 27 2012 4:00 AM ET


Along with publishing OP
on a quarterly basis, Mac has launched a new annual project — another magazine with an extreme visionary focus called Translady Fanzine. In the first issue, Mac explained why he's producing the photographic periodical.

Translady Fanzine
is a personal expression between two people, photographer and model,
trans man and trans woman, both connected with the desire for trans
visibility and self representation through art,” he wrote.

Only 1,000 copies of the first issue were printed and released in 2011 for
the price of $20 each. As will be the custom of each issue, it focused on the story of one transgender woman — this time, Zackary Drucker.

Translady Fanzine
features Drucker in a hometown environment outside of
Syracuse, New York.  Drucker poses in her childhood home
both clothed and nude and at her old high school football stadium clad
only in vintage fur and a necklace. Two photos are shot with Drucker
and her mother on a bed.

“I was hoping I was capturing the hope and the love that they were feeling in the flesh together,” Mac explained.

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