Amazing Luke

Reichen Lemhkuhl and then-partner Chip Arndt won season 4 of The Amazing Race , and now a second gay man has finished in the top three. But Luke Adams was known to viewers not for being gay ... but for being deaf.



Do you think the special communication between you and your mom gave you an advantage on the show?It was a huge advantage for us. Also, since we were unable to talk -- or bicker! -- while we were in the middle of challenges, we flew through them, where a lot of the other teams lost a lot of time bickering. Plus, where many of the teams couldn't communicate with the locals because of the language difference, I could use gestures to tell them where we needed to go.

Were there any times you felt your deafness was a disadvantage?Only when we were driving a car, and in that case Mom and I made a strategic decision that she do all the driving, because if we got lost, she could pull over and ask for directions.

Are you dating anyone now?As of right now, no, but I'd like to.

Deaf guys or hearing guys?I'm open to both. I'm hoping to meet someone nice.

What's the one thing you'll remember most about your experience on The Amazing Race ? I'm just proud of my achievement on The Amazing Race. A lot of people told me I would never get picked to be on the show because of my deafness, but look at what I just did! The experience itself was worth a million dollars.

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