The Right Man for the Job

Yani Gellman leads Y&R into its first wave of gay storylines in the show's 36-year history -- and controversy ensues.



On daytime and prime-time soaps, it seems like we have seen the gay character be a gay activist or center of morality. Do you get a sense from Y&R that Rafe will be more integrated into the story?It definitely seems the direction he is going in. They keep that information close to their chests. The whole thing behind soaps and what makes them interesting to watch are the constant twists and turns and unexpected things happening in the plot to keep everyone interested.

I know you are from Toronto, but your family is very global these days.My mom lives in Scotland and my dad lives in Malaysia. They are world travelers, but the rest of my family lives in Toronto. My mom was just out here visiting me in L.A. for a couple weeks.

Did you take mom to the set of Y&R ?I took her to Y&R and she could barely contain herself. I said to her, "Mom, you have to pretend like you have been here before, OK?" She was like, "Like hell I will!" and she was as giddy as a kid in a candy store. My mom had a nice conversation with Eric Braeden about the benefits of meditation, so that was cool.

In closing, if we were to tease what to look forward to from Rafe, what would you say?Look forward to Rafe finding love and justice in Genoa City!

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