Mad World

Zeitgeist series Mad Men returns with a vengeance, and out actor Bryan Batt opens up about the new season, future scenarios for his character, and, most important, what Don Draper really smells like.




In Judd Apatow's film Funny People , you play Adam Sandler's character's agent. What was it like on that set?It was great. I had a big scene with Adam that was cut. When we think he's dying I go to confess that I embezzled millions from him. It was really fun. We filmed the script as written once or twice then spent the next hour or two improvising. It was so much fun and Adam was just a wonderful, giving actor and we had a great time. It was completely different from Mad Men, but wonderful just the same.

You've written a memoir titled She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother, to be published next year. What can you reveal about the book? That started one night with a conversation over dinner on Fire Island with Paul Rudnick and Tom and B.D. Wong and his partner at the time. It triggered some of these memories. I started telling a story about playing with my mother's hoop skirt and how I was sent to a child psychologist. They said if I didn't start writing this, they would. It's a memoir and short stories and it's really fun. It's a celebration of my relationship with my mother. From my point of view it's really wonderful; from an outsider's perspective it's really eccentric, but I have a wonderful, supportive mother.

OK, answer the question the world is asking: What does Don Draper smell like?[ Laughs ] Clean.

Again, not the answer I expected.[ Laughs ] Sorry, he's very masculine, but very clean.

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