“What was so great is that when Trent Dawson [Henry] and Colleen Zenk
Pinter [Barbara] were talking about our ATWT couple to present at the
Emmys, there was no presumption of it being anything out of the
ordinary for it to be Nuke, because they were such a popular couple. I
thought that was cool that we have come this far. I have crossed Van
and Jake in the hallways and they are hilarious, and they were
charming. I think their story is particularly well done. In the past,
being a gay character was sensationalized and they tended to make the
gay person more negative. Here they are trying to portray the trials
and tribulations of their everyday life and I think that is a much
better take on it, rather then jump off the screen as every day weird."

GL’S Doris Comes Out: Now There Are Four Lesbians in Springfield!

Cassidy’s Doris finally came out to her unsuspecting daughter Ashlee
(played by Caitlin Van Zandt) in this week’s final episodes of Guiding
. The blessed event occurred one day, Ashlee had trouble dealing
with it on another, and then was not so much upset with the fact that her
mother was a lesbian as she was with the idea that her mother could not be open and honest with

All the more shocking to poor Ashlee was the
revelation that Doris had used a sperm donor to conceive her. Thus, through
a hurried bit of compressed time (the show is ending, for God's sake),
Ashlee wants to try and start anew with her mom. This is followed by
the terrific episodes of Billy and Vanessa's and Buzz and Lillian’s
double wedding.

Then came the pièce de résistance: Doris shows up with
some gal on her arm, Ashlee almost chokes to death seeing this (not
literally), and Doris and her date join (drum roll, please) an openly
out and proud Otalia in a lesbian klatch in a corner of the room. I
never thought I would live to see that day, Guiding Light! So, my review
of this is: Doris telling Ashlee -- a bit of a let down. But four lesbians
in a room? BRAVO!

Y&R Looking for Hottie to Play Malcolm

you are the next Shemar Moore (gorgeous, with a six-pack, a set of pecs,
and a great smile), then all the boys who watch the soaps -- and The Young
and the Restless
-- want you!
Seems a casting call has gone out looking
to bring in this former bad boy and beloved brother to Kristoff St.
John’s Neil Winters come November. Adding an interesting twist to
this is Victoria Rowell, whose Drucilla has been rumored to be returning to the fold as well. Remember... Dru went over a cliff. The
outspoken actress tweeted this week, “Actors are working OT 2 keep Dru
OUT! And an inside source told me who. Word is Lily don't want her
Mamma -- read between the lines.” Hmm.

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