Red Letter Fish Day!

miss today’s episode of One Life to Live! Fish’s father jumps to
the conclusion that Cristian is gay and berates his alleged "lifestyle." Pushed to the breaking point by his father’s intolerance and
ignorance, Fish finds the courage to tell his parents that he’s gay.

Coming up, Fish fears he has lost his parents love and Cristian
urges Fish to tell Kyle how he feels about him, and Fish in turn urges
Cristian to tell Layla how he feels about her.

Geez, all these urges!

Imaginary Bitches at the Daytime Emmys

case you missed last night’s hilarious spoof from Imaginary Bitches
with darling Eden Riegel, you can watch it here. The
Imaginary gals take to the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys, and what
ensues is very amusing! Then you have to check out Daytime
Confidential’s sneak-peek interviews

Here is an excerpt from Eden Riegel about her imaginary friends,
Catherine and Heather, and their experience at this year’s Daytime

Daytime Confidential: Were Catherine and Heather impressed with Vanessa
Williams as host, or would they have preferred an imaginary host -- say,
for instance, Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street?

Eden Riegel: Catherine
thinks Snuffaluffagus looks filthy and can't imagine what lives in his
fur. Heather is intrigued by the size of his trunk. But on Emmy night,
Catherine went to the show at the Orpheum with Andrew and Cameron
Mathison while Heather and I stayed home. We thought the show was
fantastic. Especially Susan Lucci's moving "Daytime Gives Back"
segment, but Catherine had a terrible time. She kept texting us
endlessly, saying how much better she would have looked in Tamara
Braun's dress, which is impossible!

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