Matt Ross: Bigger Gay Love

Matt Ross, who plays fundamentalist Mormon villain Alby Grant on HBO’s Big Love, goes deep inside his character’s closet and spills some sexy secrets about Alby’s handsome new love interest.




You mentioned the truck stop restroom scene in season 3, but that wasn’t the first time in your career that you’d played a closeted gay man getting attacked from behind in a bathroom.
Oh, in American Psycho? I think I was attacking Christian Bale! [Laughs] No, you’re right. He came in the bathroom to kill me and I turned around and kissed him. So it was sort of the same, only last time I was singing Les Misérables.

Are there any gay characters in Renaissance Men, the screenplay you’ve written with Rainn Wilson about Renaissance fairs?
You really have done your research! As of now, there are no gay characters. That script is something that Rainn and I actually based on another script we had written where there was a gay couple, but we went back and forth about that a lot, frankly. One of my favorite movies of all time is a British movie called Withnail & I, and there’s a fantastic character in that who is gay. We were going for something complex like that, but I felt very insecure about it because there’s a fine line between having characters who happen to be gay and who do stuff that’s comedic and having gay characters where gay people feel you’re making fun of them. The way our characters were written was the antithesis of that, but I was still worried about it. I would worry the same way if I were writing an African-American character, just because I’m not African-American. It’s a tricky thing that goes back to what you said earlier about people looking to have their community positively represented. Not that it’s the function of comedy or drama to do anything other than portray people in a nuanced, realistic manner, but I definitely worry about things like that.

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