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Kish Shut Out of Emmy Noms

More Emmy news ... things didn’t go so well for One Life to Live’s Kish. Both Scott Evans, who played Fish, and Brett Claywell, who played Kyle, did not make it to the final five in their respective categories. Evans was in the pre-nominations in the Outstanding Younger Actor category and Claywell in Supporting Actor. When the news spread that both actors didn’t make it, fans were disheartened, and so was Claywell, who perhaps let his emotions get the better of him when he tweeted, “We tell a story that was groundbreaking and powerful, then lose my job, and am overlooked for a nomination. Daytime is such a joke!”

He later came back with a second tweet the next day that was more diplomatic. “K. New day. New smiles. Stretch. Breathe. Relax. :) Congrats to all the nominees and good luck to all the OLTL crew!!”

Scott Evans, on the other hand, took a different tack, immediately giving props to his OLTL castmates who did pick up a nod: “Congrats to all the nominees!! Scotty Clifton, Ms. Williamson, Mr. Kerwin and our wonderful directors — you are truly remarkable!!” One Life’s head writer, Ron Carlivati, did not fare much better, and the One Life writing and producing team also failed to get a nomination, due in part to their selection of the Grey Gardens send-up featuring Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Robin Strasser (Dorian). But the Emmys are a crapshoot and in the end a game of strategy to impress the panels. Meanwhile, to see all the nominees for daytime’s biggest honor, check out my Emmy nominee page complete with the stars reactions to the big news.

There's a New Bianca Coming to Pine Valley

The soap world and gay audiences were in a state of shock last week when it was announced that after a long and exhausting search, All My Children has found its new Bianca Montgomery, the role made "soap famous" by Daytime Emmy winner Eden Riegel. Christina Bennett Lind has won the coveted role of the moral center of Pine Valley. She debuts on-air June 14, when it is revealed to her that her mother, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), has presumably perished in a plane crash.


Lind spoke recently to about the pressures of stepping into a gay role so beloved and associated with another actress. "I feel it's very important to represent any character as a complete human being. I don't feel a lot of pressure about it because it's just one element of who she is, but I'm really proud to be playing that because it's a very current and exciting place to be and I'm really proud to be that on the show."

The young actress also responded to the issue of One Life to Live writing off its gay male characters because they were not “resonating with the mainstream audience.” Lind says, “In my opinion, the mother factor plays a big role (referring to Bianca being a mother of two). I think a lot of support goes to the fact that she's raising children and is married and is starting a family because family is so important to her. You see that everyone is the same — just looking for love and looking to create a life for themselves — so it's easy to relate to them. It's all about reliability.”

So where is Reese, last played by Daytime Emmy winner Tamara Braun, in all this? Still in Paris, according to All My Children. Just when and if the character is back on the canvas is yet to be determined. TV Guide Canada’s Suds Report talked to Eden Riegel for her comments on her replacement. The now D.A. Heather Stevens on The Young and the Restless offered up, “I wish her the very best of luck, of course, and will be cheering her on along with the rest of the AMC fans. And I might add hearty congratulations for scoring one helluva role! She’s a lucky girl for getting to play opposite Susan [Lucci] and Alicia [Minshew].”

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