Becoming Bianca



CHRISTINA LIND BENNETT AND CAST X390So are you ready for the praises and the possible eggshells that come with playing a major gay character, whether it is from the LGBT community or the mainstream?
I fully support getting up there and pushing some boundaries. Because Bianca is such an embraced gay character and has had such a following with the audience, maybe she is allowed some more steps forward. Who knows?

But in the end, this has to be such a fantastic journey you are about to embark on. So how did you react when you got the news that would forever change your life ... that you are the new Bianca Montgomery?

I got a message from my agent, who was going into an intermission from a show he was seeing, to call him on his cell phone. So I called him back and I said, “What were you watching?” And he said, “You got it.” And I went, “Oh, OK. You are watching a new Broadway show called You Got It.” Then I basically stopped in my tracks. I was alone in my apartment, and my boyfriend was on his way home. And then I collapsed and sat on the floor of my apartment, and there were some tears. It was pretty emotional. I had been waiting for this for a couple months, and it was a huge sigh of relief. What I am most proud about in getting this role is that I felt it was me who got through, with my personality and energy, and that is what they responded to, as far as Bianca goes. It sounds cliché, but that is what did it. I know I am in a very interesting position coming onto soaps at this time, but I can’t wait to see where it can all go.

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