Josh Strickland, Stripped

Star of Peepshow and E!'s Holly’s World, Josh Strickland reveals why, despite much speculation during his stint in Broadway’s Tarzan, he hasn’t publicly discussed his sexuality until now.



JOSH STRICKLAND HOLLY'S WORLD WHITE XLRG | ADVOCATE.COMWhat kind of trouble do you, Holly, and Holly’s other pals get into on Holly’s World?
It’s all good trouble. We’re all big personalities, so there’s bound to be tons of laughter and silliness when you put us all together. But every family has tension, there are always miscommunications between friends, and things can get out of hand. I’m just lucky that the drama is actually real and that nothing is scripted.

How up-front are you about your sexuality and dating life on Holly’s World?
Well, the show is about us individually, but it’s really about us as a family. It doesn’t go too deep into our personal lives. I’m not tied down, so I’ll talk about guys and say “he” because I’m not hiding anything, but there’s also a certain level of security you want to keep for yourself. You don’t want everyone to know everything about what you’re doing and who you’re dating. When you’re being filmed, you do have to think, Do I want that on TV? If I want something on national television, it will be. Will I regret it later? We’ll see. But in our first episode, I get heckled [for being gay] by some people — grown men — on our last night on vacation in Mexico. It becomes something that I hope people learn from, because there’s so much unnecessary nastiness out there.

So now that you work for E!, do you get to hang out with the Kardashians?
Not quite, since our show hasn’t aired yet, but I’m very excited to be a part of the network. Holly knows everyone there because she was on The Girls Next Door for five seasons, so it’s become her family. She trusts everyone, which was important for me. If Holly trusts them, I know it’s all right.

You clicked with Holly, but why didn’t you become BFFs with former Peepshow castmate Aubrey O’Day?
[Laughs] Oh, my. Um, OK, here’s the deal: We really tried to be friends with her. We’re not mean people. We got snubbed the first time around. The second time around, we got snubbed again. It’s like, how many times can you try with someone who just goes into their dressing room and doesn’t speak to you when they’re walking in the hall?

There were rumors last year that Lindsay Lohan might also join the Peepshow cast.
I think that was just a publicity stunt. If she had, I don’t know if we’d still be open.

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